Monday Moment – September 7, 2020

September 6, 2020

I Killed a Cactus

I killed a cactus. That is the kind of “green thumb’ I have. It was in college, but it scarred me and I never got another house plant, until last month.

During this COVID quarantine, many of my friends have become avid plant parents (collectors) and I was encouraged (peer pressured) into getting a plant of my own.

After insisting they would be my 24/7 personal houseplant hotline, I brought home a Calathea, commonly known as a prayer plant. It was already in soil, so I put it by the window and gave it water.

It started dying. I called my personal houseplant hotline. Yes, it is a plant that needs soil, water and sun to survive and it THRIVES in INDIRECT sunlight with MINIMAL water.

Moving it to the kitchen counter away from the window and watering it less proved to be exactly what the Calathea needed to be well.

I made some assumptions about how to care for my house plant based on what all plants need. I was wrong and it caused harm. When I counseled with my community and took the time to learn my plant’s specific needs it began to thrive.

I wonder how many of us could be better in all of our relationships if we counseled with our community and took time to learn people’s and our own specific needs to be well and thrive?

Be well, friends.