Monday Moments – April 27, 2020

April 26, 2020

To Remember… to Know

In my March 30th “Monday Moment,” I shared with you the news that I am not able to visit my husband, Jay, who lives in a long term care facility, due to herculean efforts to keep the COVID19 virus out of the facility. Because he is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, I was concerned that he would forget who I was if I couldn’t visit him. After consulting with a caregiver trainer, I started sending greeting cards to him with pictures of us together or with “love you” and just my picture, as a reminder that I’m “still here,” even if he can’t see me in person.

As our congregations continue to hold worship services via Zoom or YouTube or other electronic means, I have been surprised by how meaningful the Lord’s Supper has become to me. How wise Our Lord Jesus was to take something as ordinary as bread and wine and say to His disciples, “this do in remembrance of me”. Remember Me! Know that I am with you, and in case you begin to forget that, here is a reminder! And how wise of our denomination’s founders to be sure that we participate in that reminder every Sunday, even when two or three are not gathered if we are home alone.

I must confess that I was unprepared for communion at my first virtual worship service. Realizing that I had neither bread nor grape juice, I partook of what was in front of me that Sunday morning, a toaster waffle and my coffee. So ordinary! It had been my regular breakfast for several weeks. But oh, to “do this in remembrance of me!” To remember…to know.

Reneé Windsor-White