Monday Moments – December 9, 2019

December 9, 2019


It’s Monday again, and I thought we would explore the moment or moments we all said, “I will or I do.” Allow me to add a disclaimer; this excerpt has nothing to do with the altar of matrimony or our roles in marriage. It has everything to do with how we juggle or sustain the myriad of commitments, engagements and obligations we have during this time of year. Those things that are constantly, hanging out in the backdrop of our lives, waiting patiently to be crossed off the list. Yes, I am meddling! In short, this writing is about how and why we over commit or under commit; over-function or under-function;  especially during the season of Advent/Christmas. I’m not pointing any fingers, says, the one who is taking a gift-wrapping class, for the sheer purpose of making sure my packages look the part.

Friends, these words are about facing a basic truth and reality of clearly stating, “I won’t, I don’t.” Many of us have been taught to say yes to everything and anyone without regard to our own Self-care, Rest, and Enjoyment. Some folks work tirelessly to ensure that the parties are memorable; the food delectable and the entertainment is magical. Leaving little to no time for room at your own “spiritual inn.”

Whether it is our “willingness” to participate or persuasion from a friend, one must learn to buy into our own self-care, and a new holiday pace. Whether it’s in the time spent in the simple gift exchanges, cookie baking, the school play, caring for a neighbor, or shopping with a friend, we must move from just being task-oriented to a place of Rest, Calm, Peace and Joy.

Today, Monday, December 9, please stop what you’re doing, and for a moment turn to your true center. That center for me is Jesus! I don’t know who or what it will be for you. However, I am convinced, when we find our way down pathway of gratitude, it will bring the balance needed to fortify our Spirits, and open our hearts wider for the long haul. Merry Christmas!

With Great Regards &Loving Spirit,
The Rev. Dr. Christal L. Williams, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Tennessee