Monday Moments – February 17, 2020

February 17, 2020

The Hand that guides the Heart that prays

I love the month of February because, like December everyone is displaying love! Flowers, candy and gifts are all on the menu. Decorations, parties, red and pink hearts everywhere. I’m reminded of the hand that guides and the hearts that pray.

With all the recent storms nationwide, I can’t help but recall my own storm. No not a storm of life…. even though I’ve had a few of those. But I’m talking about an actual storm with heavy downpour and high winds. Winds so strong that your arms and shoulders ached from steering trying to keep the car on the highway. It was early October and I was taking a trip; my halfway rest stop was at the home of my sister. When I left, the weather was fair, no forecast of a storm. About one hour into my trip the rain began to come down heavy and fast. Visibility was getting poor, red taillights and brake lights were keeping me in my lane, or so I thought. People were beginning to pull off the road, some even stopping in the middle of the road. Thank God for hands free phone access; I called my sister to let her know what was happening and that the news feed stated that the weather in her city was calmer. I remember saying “girl it’s bad out here and as long as I can see in front of me, I’m gonna keep on moving. Pray Sister, Pray” she said; “Okay I’ll see you when you get here, be careful”. The winds increased and the water literally swept like waves across the highway. This was an interstate! I began to pray and ask God to take the wheel. I started singing “lead me guide me, Lord if you lead me, I will not stray”. I had a medley of songs, “His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me, Guide me o’er thy great Jehovah, I am weak but thou are mighty hold me with thy powerful hand”….then all I could say was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! I kept pushing forward, inch by inch, it seemed like three hours. There were so many vehicles on the side of the road, accidents with tractor trailers and buses. The wind caused them to collide, fortunately it looked like only the side mirrors were damaged. The sky began to get lighter and the rain eased up some. Just when I thought it was over another downpour came, and the winds again. My GPS showed twenty-five miles to my sister’s home. I remember pulling into her driveway, she had moved her car close to the door, so I could park my car under the carport too. I got out crying and praising God, she was too. We hugged each other, and when I got inside the house, she told me that I was driving directly into the path of the storm, and that she was saying “Francene can make it, Lord she can make through”. It was the hand of God guiding and steering my car, and the hearts of two sisters’ love and their prayers of faith and belief that God would bring me through the storm… And He did! Remember, you’re never alone. God is always there with His guiding hand; you just have to have faith and a praying heart.

Rev. Marilyn F. Williams