Monday Moments – February 24, 2020

February 27, 2020

You Are Enough!


Siblings in Christ,

I am writing to inform you, and me that we are enough! Has anyone told you lately, that you’re Enough? Well, here is your dosage of Love, Faith and Courage for the week.

What a way to begin a Disciples Women Monday Moment, by plainly stating that we’re enough.” I feel very compelled to spread this message, because we are in need of some good news. Don’t you agree? Daily, we face many signs, comments, actions and pictures that call into question our loyalty, abilities and authenticity. Today, I am pronouncing, through faith in God, strength of Family and deep connection with Community that we are indeed enough. We’re strong!

What’s the meaning of the word, Enough? According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, “Sufficiently, Fully, Quite.” The very places where we may seem small or as if we are not producing, may make one feel insufficient or inadequate.However, I believe that a God is moving in ways you and I cannot even imagine. May I give you a small piece of advice? Take your time, and live into God’s plan and purpose for your life, and family. Remember some people have “starting power, but not staying power.”

I believe we are built to last, meant to stand any test that comes our way. We are carriers of hope, tenacity and boldness. With this spirit , remember that we have everything need for the journey. God, Family and Community. Whenever you find yourself doubting, God will send a message in the bottle; a ram in the bush and a parted Red Sea story and friend to keep you focused on the plan.

You are enough
You do enough
You give enough….Go ahead and just BE enough!!!

With Intentionality,
Dr. Christal L. Williams