Monday Moments – July 13

July 12, 2020



Take a moment to go back …..

“One of them, when he realized that he was healed, turned around and came back, shouting his gratitude, glorifying God. He kneeled at Jesus’ feet, so grateful. He couldn’t thank him enough—and he was a Samaritan.” Luke 17:15-16

Last week during a seminar, I shared an important lesson that I learned several years ago in an Adult Bible Class. Since the teacher was in the Zoom Meeting, I paused the class for a moment, thanked her for the impact she made on my life and then continued with the training. The next morning, she sent a text message thanking me for sharing and being so grateful for letting her know that she was a blessing.

Take a moment …..

Later that week, I connected with a young woman who was my kindergarten student. I asked about her uncle, who was in my class a couple of years before her. She relayed my message to him. She texted a photo of him, his mother and I at our Kindergarten culmination. He relayed the message that he thanked me for the impact I had on his life at an early age. This is what has made him keep that photo with him all these years. I am not ashamed to say that I wept at my desk. His gratitude blessed me in a way I didn’t know that I needed at that moment.

Take a moment …

Jesus took the time to heal ten lepers and they were so excited, but one of them took the time to go back and thank Jesus. In a perfect world, I would love to say that I always have the spirit of that one healed leper. But, I may be more like the other nine. Life is different for us this season, navigating through multiple pandemics and new realities that take up our attention. Sometimes I get caught up and forget to say thank you. But perhaps that is exactly the reason why I need to intentionally go back and say thank you, even if it was for something 10 or twenty years ago. Maybe in the midst of this season, people need be reminded of how they poured into your life. Go back and thank someone for the random text that came when they needed it. Your thank you may be the blessing that comes just when they need it. I have been on both sides of thank you and it’s a blessing all around.

Take a moment this week to go back and say thank you.

Blessed to be a blessing to you,

Rev. Sheila P Spencer