Monday Moments – July 6, 2020

July 6, 2020

Rejoice in the Possibilities


Recently, I began rereading Octavia Butler’s novel, “Parable of the Sower” to help process this time of instability with a pandemic, increased visibility of police brutality, a resurgence of blatant, overt racism, and intersecting systems of injustice compounding and negatively affecting everyone with the most vulnerable people being hurt the most. The words below that introduce Chapter 14 give me hope:

In order to rise
From its own ashes
A phoenix

We are in a fight not to reform but to dismantle all systems of oppression and injustice that there may be new life built with systems of love, justice, compassion, and liberation. This is the way of Jesus the Christ, flipping tables of injustice, dying, and rising that we may have abundant life.

Amid all the changes happening I pray we can grieve well what has been familiar and comfortable for some as we rejoice in the possibilities of what can be beautiful and life-giving for all.

In love and liberation,