Monday Moments – June 8, 2020

June 7, 2020

Nothing Coming Between Us

Recently we had a zoom call for the Wild Women of the West group, (the group of women from the west coast that get together for their interregional event) and we had 100 women on the call. It was organized by the planning team and it was such a joy for me to be a part of this convening of women. It showed me the power of technology and how with proper planning, the women who want to connect, do!

During this time of social isolation, it has been hard to find meaningful connections at times. Zoom after zoom after zoom can start to feel tedious and it can begin to feel robotic. We need contact that feels like connections that we’re with each other in person. That is hard to create but the women have the ability to do this! I not only witnessed it but was a part of the event by mediating a conversation between Rev. Lori Tapia and Rev. Toni Bynum. I share this with you in part because I am still feeling that sense of connection, but also to encourage each of you to remember who you are! You are a Disciple Woman, and nothing gets in the way of us connecting! So, whether it’s via mail with post cards that you send to your sisters to let them know you are praying for them, phone calls or zoom, we need to keep connecting to one another. We cannot stop gathering or planning for each other what we know we are called to plan and do.

Things are different and we may need to be creative with how we choose to do our work, but we can and need to keep the fire of mission and justice lit. As women we move the church and we need to keep remembering that with careful planning, successful events and gatherings can and do still happen even in these times.

Has there been something on your mind to do? Call your sister and talk it out. Have you been missing your sister circle or your DW time, gather your teams and talk about how to get those groups going again if they haven’t been meeting regularly. God is with us and God is present with us via zoom and phone and through all forms of communication. These times are trying, yes, but they have also taught us what it means to be church, what it means to be community, and what it means to be sisters!

I pray that we keep finding new and exciting ways to connect with each other and that it keeps the passion for our Disciples Women’s Ministries lit and burning bright. My sisters do not let this time keep you from being with each other, there is nothing that can get in the way of us connecting! May this Monday Moment be of encouragement to all of you beautiful and bright women who keep the church going and who keep connection alive!


I give thanks for your women and for the church. I give thanks for the ways in which you have allowed us to stay united and connected even when the world would have us be apart from one another. May we continue to come up with creative ways to be Disciples Women in the midst of challenging times, and may we remember that there is nothing that can get in the way of us coming together.

Tanya Lopez
IDWM Obra Hispana Representative