Monday Moments – November 11, 2019

November 11, 2019

It’s the little things…

In this season of thanksgiving and gratefulness … it’s the little things that remind me of God’s goodness. Love and family, couples holding hands, a slight nod…saying hello. A smile from a total stranger; the sunrise and sunset. A Facebook post or text from a contact saying “I’m thinking of you” ; a handwritten card or note saying “have a great day”; a red bird sitting on the fence in the backyard when you open the door to let in the morning light; the sound of birds singing. The doorbell ringing, the door opens and a familiar voice saying, “I’m home”… and yes! the leaves on the trees changing color and shedding their summer coat. God winks at us in all of these little things. Give praise and rejoice in the little things.


Marilyn F. Williams, IDWM President