Monday Moments – November 18, 2019

November 18, 2019

What is God Calling You to?

Acts 9: 36-43

How beautiful it is to be a Disciple of Jesus who is the Christ and Son of the Living God!? Tabitha was just that, a Disciple. She was, in fact, the only woman named in the Bible as a Disciple. Why is that?

Tabitha lived her life giving to the meek, the poor, and the widows. She made clothing for them, otherwise, they would have none. This showed her deep faith in the God of grace and justice. People could see God at work in her and turned to believe! Let her life be an example of what it is to be a Disciples Woman. We are called to love and care for, who Jesus called, “the least of these.” We are called to make an impact on the world through our works, love, and faith just as Tabitha did. Even in her death, the lost were brought to God after the miracle of her raising!

Remembering Tabitha and how she loved God’s people through her faithfulness, how, sisters, are you living into your calling as a Disciple of Christ?  I encourage you to prayerfully live with this scripture and this question. What is God calling you to?


Alishah Hardway
Member at Large
Wheeling, WV