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Thinking about COP26? Make a plan of action at the Climate Ambassador Training

...to their health, livelihoods, and communities, they are increasingly looking for guidance on solutions,

Disciples Men Staff

...the new Director for Disciples Men. Rev. Alex Ruth, the new Associate Director for Disciples Men, and I

Christian Leaders Welcome Muslim-American Women to Congress

...their best in their elected capacities, these incredible women will live out what it means to be Americ

Join: “Dismantling Racism in Family Immigration” Webinar

...invite your friends to join. RSVP: bit.ly/vofblackimmigrants Host a watch party of the digital panel Live

Faith Leaders Denounce White Supremacy and Call Administration to Welcome Immigrants

...all immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers who come to our country and our border seeking better live

DHM Staff Johnson

...as they seek to live out their vocation in ways that and impactful. Born in Charleston, South Carolina

On Demand Climate Ambassador Training Program for Disciples!

Are you one of the millions of Americans who are growing more concerned about climate change? As we witness and experience

Climate Action Center

...health, livelihoods, congregations and neighborhoods, we are increasingly looking for guidance on solut

Critical DACA Hearing Today, Pray, Learn & Act!

...made at today’s hearing. However, the 5th District Court could potentially: Rule DACA is legal

DHM Staff Yates

...his wife Patty live in Vancouver, WA and they are parents to two sons, two daughters, and grandparents

Lent-All Stories (Download Only)

...back to church. Stories include: Pieces of Lent, The 10 Best Ways to Live, Jesus and the Children, Jesu

The Story of Greenleaf’s Rebuilding Broken Places

Kwanzaa is something all people can live. Enjoy this “Story of Kwanzaa in the Christian Church: Gree

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