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Scholarships Choi

...nations, he became a seeker for peace and justice in a world community of different peoples. Upon retur

Background & Resources

Black Immigrants & Refugees Haitian Stories Syrian World Refugee Day Sample Refugee Welcome Signs Refu

Laity Week

...is our hope you will gather in safe ways to affirm lay leaders and edify their ministry in the world. A


...Having deepened our understanding of systemic racism, Christ compels us to advocate for justice, fairness and equality w

Pre-Convocation Lay and Clergy Leadership

...practice, and justice issues that impact our world The 2020 workshops will be open for ALL attendees, b

African American History Month

African American History Month The history of African Americans is weaved into the tapestry of America. African American Hi


...which contribute to building and reinforcing family, community and culture among African American people as well as Afri


...ministry for today and tomorrow. Feel free to download, print, and share! Time Management in Teaching Guide Romans 12 Ho


...needs of refugees around the world. Respond to those in your community with immigration problems. Suppo

Green Chalice Visioning Gathering Inspires Hope and Action for Climate Justice 

...Mountains, Green Chalice members found more than inspiration; they found a shared purpose, and with hope and dedication,

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