Prayer & Prepare

October 5, 2016

Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by Hurricane Matthew and those who remain in its path. This was the third strongest storm to hit Haiti, where thousands of people have been displaced. Assessing the damage in some hard to reach parts of the country will take time. Cuba and the Dominican Republic were also impacted as the storm bears down now on the Bahamas and then the southeastern coast of the United States. The storm’s likely path will have it glancing up the coast, from Florida to North Carolina. Coastal areas will be awash from storm surge and low lying areas from flooding as rains fall and river systems are overwhelmed. People living in these areas should heed local warnings, gathering several days of food and water in case they become stranded, and evacuating if asked to do so all. There are several ways the rest of us can be involved: be in prayer; share a gift through Week of Compassion in support of the domestic and international response; care enough to ensure any other assistance we offer matches the needs of impacted communities; and don’t go there – until the community is ready to receive servants from beyond their nearest neighbors. For a reminder on what kind of help is needed when, please check out this excerpt of Help and Hope (Chalice Press, 2014).