Delhi Women’s Sewing Project

November 28, 2017
Posted by: Brenda Tyler

Donate today and help Disciples Women/Woman-to-Woman Worldwide provide funds for a training program to help 7-10 women learn to sew and change their lives!  Once you confirm your donation, click on VIEW CART then PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.  On the Checkout page Be sure to include the name and address of the person you are giving the gift on behalf of -(in the Order Notes box to the right) so we can send them an acknowledgement!

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Make a donation today to help fund a group of women in Delhi who want to start a training program for 7-10 women to learn how to sew garments to provide them with income and stability.  The project would provide income for three months of training and three months to begin their business with a plan that will make them self-sustaining after that six months! If you would like to participate in providing $6,000 to help these women change their lives, Disciples Women is accepting donations now!   If you make a donation by noon on December 15 as a Christmas gift, we will send an acknowledgement to the person or group you would like to give the gift on behalf of.  We will continue to accept gifts and send acknowledgements following that date, but please let us know by December 15 if you want them to receive a note by Christmas!