The International Disciples Women’s Ministries (IDWM) sponsors much of the ministry with and for women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. Ministry is accomplished though the executive committee in partnership with the IDWM Cabinet, Disciples Women’s Leadership Council (DWLC), and through the staff of the Disciples Women office in Indianapolis.

In 2011, Disciples Women became self-determining and are represented as part of OGMP’s cabinet and Justice Table.

Through Disciples Women sponsored events women are invited to share the Good News through:

  • Worship for spiritual growth and renewed discipleship;
  • Bible study for greater knowledge, understanding, and service;
  • Issue study for action and advocacy;
  • Mission study for knowledge, understanding and acceptance of others;
  • Service/action for hands-on/personal involvement;
  • Fellowship/networking for building the faith community with other women;
  • Leadership training for service to God in Disciples Women, the church, and the community;
  • Stewardship of time, talent, and resources for the mission of the church.



Disciples Women’s Ministries symbol PowerPoint presentation.

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Disciples Women’s Ministries Brochure

Glossary – 2016

Bylaws 2006

Timeline from 1874 to 2010