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Special Project

From time to time, Disciples Volunteering will partner with a local congregation, a Region/Area, or an ecumenical organization to support a Special Project.  We are currently partnered with Disciples Church Extension Fund, Disciples Home Missions, Disciples Women, Reconciliation Ministry, Week of Compassion, National Convocation, Disciples Great River Region, and Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation to assist Real Faith Christian Church in Clarksdale, MS with the construction of a new facility.

Real Faith original buildingThe congregation had begun construction on this new facility a number of years ago, after outgrowing the old sanctuary and limited classroom space. In 2009, however, work came to a halt. In the midst of their building campaign, the congregation went through a crisis.

The church has been reinvigorated and is experiencing new growth. Once again, they have outgrown the limits of their old facility. They are eager to turn the incomplete eye-sore into a center for worship and ministry with the Clarksdale community. That’s where you can help: mission teams are needed now to come to Clarksdale and assist with the construction at Real Faith Christian Church.

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Disciples Women’s Commitment to Justice


Disciples Women are committed to pursuing the goal of eradicating Human Trafficking in the United States and Canada and across the world. Disciples Women were stunned to discover the width and breadth of modern day slavery at QA 2010. As they were awakened to this knowledge, human trafficking was taken on as the social action emphasis of the 2010-2014 quadrennium. During those four years a resolution was presented at General Assembly 2011 which was passed unanimously. Women all over the continent have been educating men and women to increase awareness; thousands of calls have been made to improve legislation that might serve as a deterrent as well as to recognize victims vs. perpetrators; partnerships and coalitions have been formed among regions and ecumenical groups; work was done with an ecumenical group in Indianapolis in preparation for the higher demand during Super Bowl events working to train hotel workers, cab drivers, EMTs, etc. to recognize and report trafficking.

At QA 2014 Disciples Women decided to continue with a more intensive focusing on three areas: sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and demand. As Disciples Women have been educating and advocating much of the concern has been for sex trafficking victims and their rescue and recovery. However, there are three times as many labor trafficking victims in the world as there are sex trafficking victims. The key to both is to halt demand.

A new logo and web page for the work against Human Trafficking was revealed and a commitment to continue to work to educate, advocate, and rescue was celebrated at QA 2014. If you want more information visit the new webpage www.discipleswomen.org/linkbylink.

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