2022 Just Women Bible Study

August 30, 2021



PRE-ORDERS for the 2022 Just Women Bible Study are now being accepted!


As Christians, we know that encountering Scripture can be amazing… but it can also be confusing. It’s hard to know where to start, and even harder to engage in passages that are troubling. Fortunately, Disciples Women have the BEST resource to help them engage in Scripture at a deep level with top notch writers:  Just Women Bible Study resource.  The women who write for Just Women think about Scripture deeply and offer YOU prayerful insights so that you can take your relationship with God through Scripture to the next level.

The theme for the 2022 Just Women Bible Study is:



Writers and Lesson Titles:

Ana M. Aquino, “Heart-Mind-Soul”

Tamaira Johnson, “Divine Connections”

Rev. Rae Karim, “The Power of Silent Moves”

Rev. Kathy Smith, “Missed Connections”

Nadia Tavera, “God Can Use What You Have”

Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, “Bold and Determined, the Power of Love”

Rev. Sarah Webb, “A Healing Sisterhood”

Rev. Marilyn F. Williams, “Learned to Lean and Encouraged”


We will be accepting  pre-orders for the 2022 Just Women Bible Study until December 1, 2021


All orders received after December 1, are subject to availability and will be charged shipping.


The 2022 Bible Study will be mailed in January 2022


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