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DM_-_MenSignWelcome to the Disciples Men’s Web site. We hope you find this site helpful in giving you information about men’s ministries. The General Conference of Disciples Men is the formal organization of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, ministering to the unique needs of men in the church, enabling them to fulfill their potential as servants of God, strengthening the total ministry of the church.

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About Disciples Men

The General Conference of Disciples Men is comprised of the Regional Men’s President and Regional Men’s Staff Member of each of the 35 regions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, and elected members of the Conference Executive Committee.

Save The Date:  Sessions 2016, July 22-24, 2016

The date for our next Sessions is planned for July 22-24, 2016 and will take place at Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas.  The theme for this Sessions is “You Are Called By Name.” Mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Life Time Membership Awards

Nathan Higginbotham was presented a Lifetime Member Award by the General Conference Disciples Men at the Men’s Luncheon during 2013 General Assembly.

Nathan Higginbotham 2013Nathan was given the award to show appreciation for the work he has done for Disciples Men. Nathan became director, Disciples Men for the Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1996. Nathan coordinates men’s ministries for the Southwest Region on his large salary of one dollar per year. One of the main objectives for the Disciples Men each year is to have at least one major building or restoration mission project. Through Nathan’s leadership men have built a chapel and several dorms and other buildings for Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries in Bayview, Texas. Other projects have been a home for battered women and children, a counseling center for Inman Christian Center, and improvements to four camp and conference centers in the Southwest Region.

It is everyday heroes like Nathan that is carrying Jesus’ call to Discipleship outside four walls of a building to the world around him.


Oscar Haynes, a life long worker in the Disciples Men, was awarded a Life Time Membership into the General Conference of Disciples Men in 2012.

Oscar_Haynes.jpgThe honor was given to Oscar at The Gathering of Disciples Men in Bethany, WV in July, 2012. Oscar was the person most responsible for organizing the first Session.

All the Sessions and Gatherings have built themselves around the work done for the first one.  All Disciples Men should be proud of the hard work done by Oscar on the first meeting, when there was not history.

Oscar, the General Conference of Disciples Men and all the Men of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ thank you for your guidance, knowledge and hard work.

Oscar Haynes passed away on July 31st, 2014; he will be greatly missed in Men’s Ministry. Please consider making a donation in his memory to his Disciples Fund, Oscar Haynes Fund, with Christian Church Foundation.

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