Meet DHM’s staff. You’ll find contact information for each staff person. Additionally, you may view staff biographies (if available). For a print-quality photograph please contact the staff person.

Greg Alexander

Director, Disciples Men
(859) 321-4254

Reginald W. Calhoun, Sr.

Executive for Evangelism & Congregational Transformation Merger Staff
(317) 713-2650

Erin Cody

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Carol Devine

Co-Minister of Green Chalice
Deployed DHM Staff

Chris Dorsey

President and CEO
(317) 713-2684

Lisa Engelken

Coordinator, Children Worship & Wonder
Family and Children’s Ministries
Deployed DHM Staff
(913) 634-5602

Scott Hardin-Nieri2

Scott Hardin-Nieri

Co-Minister of Green Chalice
Deployed DHM Staff

Kelly Harris

Ministry Associate

Children Worship and Wonder
Disciples Men
Disciples Peace Fellowship
General Youth Council
Green Chalice
Ministries Across Generations
Scholarship/Continuing Education
Young Adult Commission

Ministers Directory

(317) 713-2666

Lorna Hernandez

Interim Minister for Christian Vocations

(317) 713-2668

Lisa Hubbard

Executive Assistant to the DHM President & CEO

Office Manager

Evangelism & Congregational Transformation
Christian Education/Faith Formation

(317) 713-2675

Rev. Angéle Saunders Johnson

Executive Director of Disciples Women

Alexis Tardy

Coordinator for Ministry with Youth and Young Adults

(317) 667-2548


Anne Marie Moyars

Ministry Associate

Association of Disciple Musicians
Disciples Interims
Search and Call
(317) 713-2664

Lon Oliver

Administrator for Disciples Appalachian Scholarship Ministry
(859) 358-4704

Lonna Owens

Vice President for Finance
(317) 713-2682

Alex Ruth

Associate Director of Disciples Men
(417) 379-0127


Regenia Smith

Ministry Associate

Disciples Women
(317) 713-2665

Monique Crain Spells

Vice President for Mission, Advocacy and Programs
(317) 713-2675

Olivia Bryan Updegrove

Minister of Family & Children Ministries
Deployed DHM staff
(317) 551-1032

Brian Frederick-Gray

Director for Justice and Advocacy Ministries

(480) 399-6945

Tom Yates

Chaplains’ Endorsement Officer
Deployed DHM Staff
(360) 281-3729