Celebrate Week of the Laity

Week of Laity graphicAlthough Laity Sunday is often scheduled for the last week in January, in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), any day – every Sunday is a time for laity involvement. The Laity is heavily involved in many aspects of leading, teaching, serving, and outreach to community and world. Laity Sunday is an opportunity to highlight and appreciate the many roles fulfilled by laity. Week of the Laity resources are planned to give you flexibility and a variety of choices. You are encouraged to edit and enhance the suggestions to fit the particular needs of your congregation.

Celebrate the gifts of the laity during the Week of the Laity. Lift up those special gifts that lay people offer to your congregation’s ministry. Select from the numerous archives listed below.

Week of the Laity will be celebrated January 29 – February 4,  2017.  Laity Sunday is a special time when the lay people of the church often pause to consider their varied gifts for ministry, inside and outside the walls of the church building.

  • 2017 Laity Week – Everybody Has A Part
  • 2016 Laity Week  – We Are the Church
  • 2015 Laity Week

For access to previous Week of the Laity resources contact Wilma Shuffitt.

Write the Laity resource

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