History & Mission

The primary purpose of the clergy women in the Disciples Pacific Southwest Region-who have been meeting regularly for several years-was to support one another in God’s tremendous calling to ordained ministry. In the Spring 1987, “support” began to move in the direction of “needing to do more.” An Advocacy Task Force came into being.

Others who shared this concern for advocacy were invited to an informal after-session organized at the 1987 Louisville General Assembly. About forty individuals gathered together to call into being the Disciples Caucus for Clergy Women. At this late night historic meeting the nature of the caucus, its initial organizational structure, and its beginning tasks, were discussed.

Volunteers for the “Steering Committee” came forward that evening and the Disciples Caucus for Clergywomen was called into being! At the close of the organizational period, 190 women had become charter members.

In October 1996, the Steering Committee met in Indianapolis to chart the course for the future of Women in Ministry organization. The committee wrote a provisional Covenant agreement with Disciples Home Missions, approved by HAM Board in November of 1995, and was ratified by those who attended the Gathering at the 1997 Denver General Assembly. It was also decided to change the name of the organization to “Disciples for Women in Ministry.” The change in name is a way to recognize and include all women in ministry-congregational, institutional and secular. All women in ministry and all those who support women in ministry are welcome to support DWM.


Clergy Women Goals