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IAAFaith&Life LogoThe Institute for African American Faith and Life, which is co-sponsored by the Black Endowment Fund, Black Leadership Fund, National Convocation and Disciples Home Missions, is an umbrella for the Pre-Convocation Leadership Institute and the Convocation Educational Workshops. As the educational arm of the National Convocation, it continually seeks to provide an excellent educational curriculum and faculty by offering a wealth of workshops, resources and training facilitated by gifted and anointed practitioners, presenters and professors. The Leadership Institute spotlights the Clergy Institute, the Lay Leaders Institute and the Leaders in the Making Institute.

Resources for African American Disciples

Raymond Brown, former DHM interim president, reports “black membership in practically all of the first churches where the Disciples movement began.” (An African-American History)

Today African American Disciples represent 10 percent of the denomination’s membership and boast some of the fastest-growing congregations in the United States.

Here you’ll find resources specifically for African American Disciples. From special events such as Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, African American History Month or Juneteenth to a history of African American Disciples, Select the resources link below.

If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, write to Sheila Spencer or contact any of our African American staff.

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