Who are chaplains and what do they do?

Disciples Endorsed Chaplains are ordained or commissioned denominational clergy serving in specialized ministries typically outside the walls of a local congregation.  There are two categories:  Federal (military and VA) OR Institutional.  Chaplains may be found on military installations at home or abroad and in every branch and component of service—Army, Navy (including Marines and Coast Guard), Air Force (including Civil Air Patrol), Reserve, and National Guard.  Federal Chaplains also serve in the VA Medical System and Federal prison systems.  Institutional chaplains may be employed by hospitals, hospice, retirement and nursing facilities, state prison systems, law enforcement and fire departments, counseling centers, workplaces, and a variety of other ministry settings.

Chaplains are pastors especially gifted, skilled, trained, and experienced to minister with those who are in stressful or crisis situations.  Training includes addressing spiritual issues that impact life and health, relationships, building coping skills and resiliency, issues related to dying, death and grief, and many other areas of special need.  Chaplains work with couples, individuals, and groups to provide emotional and spiritual support.