Chaplains & Specialized Ministries

Chaplains minister in the name of our Lord and our church outside the church walls. They can be found in war zones, on military bases, at crime scenes, in a factory, in the homes of the dying, in surgery, the delivery room, and in the intensive care unit. Chaplains are pastors who are specially trained to minister to those who are in stressful or crisis situations. The training includes addressing spiritual issues that impact life and health, relationship counseling, building coping skills, issues on death and dying, grief, and many other areas of special needs. They are trained to use these skills with individuals and groups, which make chaplains excellent resource people for congregations experiencing crisis or grief.

With the increased use of technology and the decline in face-to-face interactions and communication, the work of the chaplain to be present in a one on one interaction will become more and more important. Chaplains will continue to offer the personal touch of Christ and the Church to a hurting world beyond the church walls. Research continues to show that those who receive pastoral care recover more quickly and have better resiliency. The need for chaplains continues to grow.


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