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Disciples Men is a cooperative effort between the Office of Disciples Men and the General Conference of Disciples Men. The Office of Disciples Men (ODM) consists of the Director, Greg Alexander, and the Associate Director, Alex Ruth. The directors are resourced by Ministry Associate Kelly Harris, who lends her considerable assistance to the work of Disciples Men (as well as several other ministries at DHM). The General Conference of Disciples Men (GCDM) is comprised of the Regional Men’s President and Regional Men’s Staff Member of each of the 35 regions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, and elected members of the Conference Executive Committee.

The ODM and GCDM work together ministering the unique needs of men in the church. Our combined mission is to empower men to discover and fulfill their potential as servants of God. This, in turn, strengthens the witness of the total ministry of the church.

Sessions 2020

Registration is now open for Sessions 2020! Click here to register online or click here to download a printable form. You may also visit sessions.life/2020 for additional information.

Every four years, the Disciples Men of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) gather to pray, teach, support, fellowship and care for one another so that they may return home impassioned and uplifted; moved by the Holy Spirit; ready to lift their churches and their ministries through the grace, power and wisdom of Jesus Christ.

July 10, 2020 is the next date of that gathering which will be held at Texas Christian University. As Disciples Men, we should celebrate our journey as men, gathering in support of one another knowing that iron sharpens iron.

With great teachers, music and unity, we will encourage each other to understand that “We are our brother’s keeper.”

Directors of Disciples Men

2019 has seen some changes in the Office of Disciples Men. Greg Alexander has been called as the Director of Disciples Men and Alex Ruth has been called as the Associate Director. Want to know more about these two men? Read more.

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