Teaching Justice 2020 Style

Elementary-age youth are curious and ready to learn. Taking advantage of what they are hearing in the culture about social justice and inequities, the time is ripe for introducing concepts about poverty.

Rev. Kate Epperly, staff in Disciples Home Missions’ Ministries Across Generations  who specializes in justice and advocacy for families and children, gathered a faith formation team in response to the Poor People’s Campaign June 20 event. Her grandsons were deeply interested in the broadcast.

“Jack (aged 10) not only watched the whole event, but also had a lot of questions. He immediately made a tagboard sign saying, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and posted it on the front door, but he wanted more,” she said.

Epperly got to work gathering materials and her colleague, Olivia Updegrove, collaborated. They consulted colleagues of color within the Disciples and the United Church of Christ to vet their work.

Based on an intergenerational model of learning, the web-based curriculum highlights the Poor People’s Campaign five “jubilee justice” principles around communities, inclusion, voice, lifting all, and the concept that there is enough for all.

The Poor People’s Campaign leadership has agreed to present and promote the new website produced by Ministries Across Generations.

“I have been so excited to share this journey with my grandsons Jack and James (aged 8 ) over the summer. I hope others can connect to this faith-based intergenerational, reflection-action education tool.”