Disciples Interims (Formerly ADIIM)

Within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), some clergy have sensed God’s call to the more specific vocation of Intentional Interim and Transitional Ministry. They have gained specific training and skills to empower such work, and are available to meet the needs of local congregations and regions who are moving through times of transition and may be currently without Settled Pastoral Leadership.

Clergy who are available and seeking to serve in Interim and Transitional positions are encouraged to have their Search and Call forms in circulation. You can begin preparing these materials by logging in to the Disciples Web-based Search and Call System. If you are a Disciples Minister with Standing, but still need a password to begin completing your forms for the Search and Call system, contact Anne Marie Moyars in the Search and Call office.

Whether you are already serving as an Intentional Interim or Transitional Minister, or beginning to sense a call to such service, you may find the links below helpful for your vocational journey: