About Association of Disciple Musicians

The purpose of this organization shall be to increase the effectiveness of church musicians as they participate in the mission of the Church. The term “church musician” shall be interpreted to include all persons who lead or otherwise participate in church music by vocation or avocation.

Specific objectives shall be:

  • To elevate and improve the standard of music and its use within the total life of the Church.
  • To maintain an organization which will promote fellowship, provide for the exchange of ideas and initiate workshops for study and inspiration among church musicians.
  • To study the relationship of music to worship, education, and other aspects of church life.
  • To contribute to the development of a close working relationship among musicians, ministers, and the laity.

The annual ADM conference has as its main focus offering programs to increase the effectiveness of musicians, clergy, and laity through the exchange of ideas, development of skills, and opportunities for fellowship as we participate in the mission of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Anyone from any denomination or church affiliation is encouraged to consider joining ADM and participating in the organization and its annual conference.  This could include choir directors, organists, musicians, handbell ringers/directors, clergy and lay persons who are interested in the musical life of their church.

Through ADM’s National Annual Conference, network and newsletters, professionals and volunteers can share resources and experiences into their common music ministry.

The Planning Council

Ten people from a variety of backgrounds and locations who have passion for church music lead this group.  Each provides a unique contribution to the planning and execution of the annual conference.
Serving this year as council members are:

Brenda Hagedon   President
Brad Burnham   President Elect
Carmen Bennett   Secretary
Beth Miller   Treasurer
Katrina Cochren   Past President
Claire Meredith
Connie Ford
Gina Anthon
Jacob Miller
Janie Jones
Carolyn Manning