Disciples Home Missions (DHM) is grateful to announce the call of new leadership to offer their gifts among Disciples Men in the persons of J Gregory “Greg” Alexander as Director of Disciples Men and N Alexander “Alex” Ruth as Associate Director of Disciples Men! Alex began his tenure effective January 1st and Greg will start in April.

The call to the DHM staff position was extended by President Sotello V Long after consultation with the Director of Disciples Men Advisory Search Team consisting of 4 men from the General Conference of Disciples Men executive leadership – Brian Burton, Ron Petrick, Nelson Torres and Irvin Green and 3 staff persons from DHM – Kelly Harris, R. Wayne Calhoun, Sr., and Lonna Owens.

Six applicants originally applied and three were forwarded for review of additional questions by the team. Given their unique gifts, appreciable passion and their openness to the opportunity President Long exercised the option to extend the call to two candidates.   

Read from these transformative leaders in their own words….

“Men’s ministry has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. From 1992 to 2004, as Associate Regional Minister for the Christian Church In Kentucky, I had the privilege of developing men’s ministry resources and working with ecumenical men’s leaders both nationally and internationally. My call to be the General Minister of Kentucky required that I place this vital ministry on the back burner…but my passion for this vital ministry never waned. I am so very grateful to have this opportunity to focus on men’s ministry once more as the new Director for Disciples Men. Rev. Alex Ruth, the new Associate Director for Disciples Men, and I promise exciting times ahead for Disciples’ men.”

God bless!


“My passion for ministry to men stems from my own experiences of struggling to find, understand, and uncover my identity as a Christian man. I have benefited from many great examples of men who live out their faith and masculinity in different, yet life-giving ways. I have been blessed to serve as pastor of Marshfield Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since 2006, and have worked with church leaders to develop ministry opportunities for the men of the church to grow and learn together. I am profoundly appreciative of the opportunity to work with Rev. Greg Alexander and the General Conference of Disciples Men as we grow and develop the vital ministry to men in our denomination, and especially in our local communities of faith. Truly, the future is bright for Disciples Men!”

Journeying together,


The valued “administry” connection in the Disciples Center for facilitating the ministry of Disciples Men among other integral ministries is Kelly Harris. Thank you kindly Kelly!

We look forward to broadening the connections of Disciples Men with the life-changing love of God through equipping them for leadership; engaging them in acts of compassion, engendering mutual support across generations and promoting justice for all.

Sotello V. Long


Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada