Disciples Serving CommunitySERVE

In serving, we model ourselves after the one who came not to be served but to serve, giving and receiving in humility, respecting the gifts of each one.

The following resources and referrals are provided to help each one SERVE and be served (on a mission trip / pilgrimage, through Servant Leadership, or by sharing information about a mission opportunity to which you would like to invite others):

  • Invite others into service by sharing a mission opportunity and get help making it happen
  • Leadership:
    • Summer Mission Intern
    • SaLT: Servant Leadership Team
  • Serve in mission through / make a mission pilgrimage to:
    • mission stations,
    • service-learning opportunities,
    • mission inns,
    • mission centers,
    • and mission partners
  • support mission opportunities in other ways (maybe all this goes under connect?)
    • prayer,
    • donation (or is this in connect?)
    • *offering skills such as web design, registrar, … [or do these belong somewhere else? SaLT?])