Everything Must Change

August 24, 2022

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same
Everyone will change
No one stays the same

Those words are from the song “Everything Must Change”, written by Bernard Ighner and sung by Randy Crawford. The general theme of the song is the ubiquitous and never-ending nature of change. The song simultaneously illuminates the understandable anxiety about the uncertainties of change, while offering a reminder that there are at least a few things in life that present themselves as more stable and dependable. Rain comes from the clouds. Sun lights up the sky. Hummingbirds do fly.

Over the last few years, the world around us has changed a great deal. We have all made pretty significant shifts to accommodate the sometimes-drastic changes. These changes have affected our personal lives, our work, and even in our churches. Disciples Home Mission has certainly not been immune to the changes in the world, our society, and our churches. Some of those changes have presented challenges that we have been called on to respond to in new and creative ways. Some of the changes have presented the opportunity to shake loose some old patterns of doing things that we would not have let go of without being required by circumstances to do so. Still other changes are leading us to engage in deeper and ongoing reflection about how to continue being faithful stewards of the resources God has blessed us with, as we continue to move forward in the mission we are called to, and to serve the present age.

As I begin my time as President and CEO of DHM I feel the weight of change, but I also feel the optimism of change. Through it all, I am grateful for all the leaders who have gone before, who have poured so much of themselves into this ministry, and who have paved the way for all that is to come. I am especially grateful for Interim President Sheila Spencer for her faithful leadership during a very challenging time and for her many years of service to DHM. She has blessed DHM greatly!

Changes in leadership are inevitable. Changes in organizations are also inevitable. But the One who calls us all to faith and to work, is immutable and faithful! By continuing to ground ourselves in faith, we weather the storms of change, we chart new courses toward new opportunities, and we continue to transform the world toward greater justice and mercy.

Peace and Blessings,
Chris Dorsey