Green Chalice Visioning Gathering Inspires Hope and Action for Climate Justice 

November 30, 2023

Green Chalice friends, staff, and collaborators recently convened at Christmount Christian Assembly in the serene landscape of Black Mountain, North Carolina. This gathering was an opportunity for individuals to come together, listen deeply to personal stories, delve into the history of their community, and gain insights into the origins of Green Chalice.

The event wasn’t just about looking back; it was also an occasion to seek wisdom on resilience and collaboration from the diverse forests and ancient Blue Ridge Mountains that surrounded them. In the midst of these thought-provoking discussions, participants enjoyed delicious, vegetable-rich meals, engaged in collaborative art projects, and engaged in heartwarming conversations by a warm fire. And, of course, there was no shortage of yummy ice cream to savor.

Gratitude fills our hearts for the incredible gifts of discernment, wisdom, and compassion that emerged during our time together. We gathered with the shared purpose of integrating creation care and climate justice into the varied expressions of our denomination and communities, all as an expression of our love and faith.

First Christian Church in Black Mountain hosted us on Sunday as a Green Chalice Congregation and a part of the growing One Home One Future movement, a significant step toward a sustainable future.

Rev. Brian Frederick-Gray delivered an inspiring sermon that ignited hope and action, while Rev. Carol Devine shared a compelling minute for mission. These messages resonated deeply with the attendees.

As we reflect on this meaningful gathering, we look forward to sharing our continued journey. We are committed to listening to how God’s spirit is inviting us to further our mission in the realm of creation care and climate justice.

In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Green Chalice members found more than inspiration; they found a shared purpose, and with hope and dedication, they will continue to make a positive impact on the world.