Expectations for Long-term Volunteers

Disciples Volunteering is about calling, connecting, equipping, and sending servants in the Church for service in the Community. The role of LTVs is to support Servant Opportunities. Because LTVs serve as representatives of Disciples Volunteering, Disciples Home Missions, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), all LTVs will undergo a background check before serving on site. *Put background check on main page; the rest of this is as a placeholder until I figure out whether or not to use any of it.

Expectations for Serving Together


Disciples Volunteering is all about Service

You, the volunteers, are the most important people in the DV network. Without you, DV would not exist. Through you, the love of Christ can be expressed. These guidelines are designed to aid you in relating to mission opportunities in a redemptive way.


Relationships begin with respect

Do everything you can to preserve the dignity and sense of worth of those in need. Remember the truth, “it is easier to give than to receive.” Respect personal property and rights of ownership.

Be a sensitive listener. Don’t be judgmental. In disaster situations please remember, grief is a natural reaction to loss, even the loss of possessions. Be friendly and optimistic, but not so lighthearted as to imply the situation is not serious. Be careful about giving simple answers. Treat those we partner with as equals.

Ready to Work

Taking directions from the project leader

DV project site leaders want to have meaningful work opportunities for our volunteers. Respect the authority of the project leaders; cooperate in every way possible. Pass suggestions on to the leader, but remember leaders face a variety of pressures in this work. Give your best to the work; be prepared to do any job requested with patience and love. Missional situations mean work and living conditions will not “be like home.”

Telling the Story

Showing an interest in DV

This type of work often draws media attention and proper reporting can be valuable for all. DV does not seek publicity for itself. Refer reporters to DV leaders when possible and, if you do offer information, make sure you represent DV and the situation accurately. Respect those you photograph by requesting permission before taking pictures. Get to know the people you photograph. Share your story in your church and encourage others to get involved.

Representing DV

You are a witness

Promote safety in travel and work. Good driving habits should be maintained at all times. Dress appropriately for the work you will be doing. Proper footwear and clothing can be important for your safety and health.

Respect the modesty of dress that DV embraces. Practice good discretion in any use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco.

Let your conversation be suitable for a Christian, so that the name of Jesus Christ not be brought to disfavor.

You are a witness for Jesus Christ as well as a representative of the church. May our efforts together be good examples of “bearing each other’s burdens” and through the leading of God’s Spirit be a channel for bringing God’s love to all.

Statement of Purpose

Serving in the name of Christ

Disciples Volunteering is the organized response of our churches to the needs of our neighbors through domestic hands on mission opportunities. We endeavor, in the spirit of Christian love, to follow Christ’s example by giving time, talents, and energies to help others. We understand the ministries of listening, clean up, repair, and reconstruction to be examples of “the cup of cold water” given to those in need “in the name of Christ.”

Safety Information

All volunteers working on DV projects are required to bring and use the following safety equipment:

  1. Hard-soled shoes or tennis shoes
  2. Be covered from shoulders to knees (some projects might want you to have a pair of pants)

At times, DV may provide and request that volunteers use the following additional safety equipment:

  1. Hard hats
  2. Ear protection
  3. Eye protection
  4. Gloves
  5. Dust masks
  6. Respirators & Protective suits

Hard hats should be worn while using heavy equipment like chain saws/chippers or if people are on the ground while others are on the roof above them. When using brush chippers and chainsaw, ear protection, eye protection and gloves are very important. Dust masks are important for working on insulation or demolition work. Respirators and protective suits are necessary when working in buildings with high mold content.