April 29, 2020

Christ is risen and we are called to rejoice. But, we are in a Pandemic. Almost 170,000 people worldwide and 43,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. The economy has collapsed. We are worried for the health of our family members and friends. We are stressed about our finances and due to our isolation. Rejoice?

January 2020 was the hottest January on record. The last decade included an unprecedented number of deadly hurricanes, floods, superstorms, and fires. Pandemic-anxiety and eco-anxiety are impacting the lives and hearts of everyone, but especially the most vulnerable. Rejoice?

And yet, we serve a God who is abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. With every crisis and challenge, God provides a path forward with abundant resources.

Green Chalice congregations and ministries are standing on the front lines caring for people who are most vulnerable, providing food for the hungry, safe places for people without homes, picking up medications and groceries, making calls, sending notes, and praying without ceasing. And Over 180 congregations and ministries (and growing) are part of the Green Chalice family. Disciples’ congregations everywhere are taking ambitious actions to lower their carbon and to care for the earth which is the Lord’s.

Rejoice? Indeed, we are rejoicing because there is no one better to lead in a pandemic or on climate than Disciples. We understand that Jesus calls us to uncomfortable and challenging work. We seek justice and peace. We have a long history of ecumenical and interfaith partnerships.

Rejoice? Indeed, for Christ is risen and in him all things were created, and in him all things hold together. Indeed we will rejoice! ~Rev. Carol Devine