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Christian Vocation: Intentional Interim Ministry

...congregation, interim time is the time between settled or installed pastors. It is the “in betwee


...dinnerware, eating local foods, praying for and celebrating creation in worship, planting trees and more. Churches lower


...Anniversary of the US Refugee Act of 1980! Social Media posts will be made Monday-Friday on RIM’s Facebook, Twitte

Green Chalice Program

...light bulbs, Install programmable thermostats, Start a community garden, Serving local foods, Plant Nat

Help & Hope

...card can be given. When a group of people are ready to climb roofs and install tarps but a decent ladde

Rural Faith Leaders Join Workers Calling for Protection and Relief from COVID-19 Outbreaks

...This is unacceptable to our people and our faith. We believe as people of faith that in this instance i

CWS Statement on 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Against President Trump’s Rewritten Refugee Ban ​

...of heightened instability. “We renew our call on all of our elected officials to do everything in

Haitian TPS Alert

...and food insecurity and hunger, the cholera epidemic and public health crises, and economic instability

DHM Staff Donahoo

...She was previously employed as an inventory analyst/statistician for a mining equipment company, and served in administr


...billions, tobacco farm workers live in poverty, face racism, harassment, nicotine poisoning, lethal pesticides, miserabl

Refugee Welcome Sunday & World Refugee Day: June 20th

...on Twitter: @StanleyRea, and on Instagram as sharonstanleyrea, then download and share the images on yo

Monday Moments – July 6, 2020

Rejoice in the Possibilities   Recently, I began rereading Octavia Butler’s novel, “Parable of the Sower&r