gardening-200x300The purpose of the Green Chalice Program is to encourage and assist local congregations/DOC Offices and Assemblies who wish to live out their faith by caring for creation. This program is designed to recognize congregations for being good stewards of God’s creation. It also aims to empower congregations/assemblies with ideas and resources to enable them to walk gently on the earth. Download a Green Chalice Brochure here:  Spanish, Korean, English.

The program has two tiers. The first level is to become a Green Chalice Congregation/Assembly. The second level is to become a CERTIFIED Green Chalice Congregation or Assembly.

To see a list of the Current Green Chalice Congregations and CERTIFIED Green Chalice Congregations, please click here.

Level One

Step 1: Form a Green Team

The first step simply requires someone to gather other church members who are passionate for creation who will commit to meeting regularly to examine the church’s practices and to facilitate change.

Step 2: Sign the Green Chalice Covenant

The second step requires that your green team reads and signs the Green Chalice Covenant as a sign of your commitment.

Step 3: Make three changes

The third step puts your commitment into action. Make three changes that will move your congregation toward better caring for God’s creation.

First Step Examples: Get an Energy Audit, Start or Enhance a Recycling Program, Use Real Dishware, Stop using Styrofoam and disposable dishes, Changing to efficient light bulbs, Install programmable thermostats, Start a community garden, Serving local foods, Plant Native Species plants, Plant Trees in the community, Participate in the Disciples Coffee Program, Purchase Eco-Palms for Palm Sunday, Weave Creation into worship in prayers, hymns, liturgy and sermons, Use Eco-Friendly cleaning products, Provide Eco-Tips in Newsletters, Install Rain Barrels for watering, Host a Farmer’s Market, Have a Green VBS theme, Partner with Local Organizations for Advocacy, Do a creation care study series, Observe the Sabbath.

Congratulations: You are a Green Chalice Ministry!

Email information about your three steps to Green Chalice Minister Carol Devine and receive your certificate and recognition. Don’t stop here, there is more work to be done.

Level Two

Becoming a CERTIFIED Green Chalice Congregation or Assembly

Before becoming a CERTIFIED Green Chalice Ministry, you must be a Green Chalice Ministry and:

  • Create a Creation Care Team*
  • Adopt the Green Chalice Covenant*
  • Make three changes in any area*


  • Notify the Green Chalice Minister of your commitment and your intention to begin work toward CERTIFICATION*



Congregations should renew their certification every three years by making at least one change in each of the four areas.

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