Corrected Link: Afghan Welcome Webinar Tues. 9/14, 12 Noon ET

September 21, 2021
You’re Invited!: Tuesday, September 14, 12 Noon ET
“Afghan Welcome & Refuge” WOC/RIM Webinar
Disciples throughout the country are engaging in welcome for Afghan refugees, & many near our Disciples headquarters office in Indianapolis are experiencing thousands of Afghans being processed through Camp Atterbury.
Learn How You Can Help in Your Own Community!!
You’re Invited to participate Tuesday, September 14, in a WOC/RIM Webinar: “Refuge and Welcome for Those Fleeing Afghanistan,”
to be held at 12 noon ET
Partners are invited to join and share the time with others who have common passions for welcome!
Speakers will include congregation representatives who have resettled Afghan SIVs, a US Veteran whose family has helped to evacuate and resettle the Afghan interpreter who served in partnership with the US military in Afghanistan, and leadership from Week of Compassion and Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries.
See below for a sample social media post. Please share broadly to invite your friends, community members, & congregation!!:
Join us for a conversation with Week of Compassion and Refugee and Immigration Ministries Disciples Home Missions on Tuesday, September 14, 11 a.m. CT/12 noon ET. Learn & share about how congregations are creating refuge and welcome with Afghans in local communities—and how you can, too! Register at:…/reg…/WN_5u7R6FAQQ9-LCHSjq9pZtw. Speakers will include congregations that have previously worked with Afghan SIVs, as well as the perspective of a US veteran who served with Afghan allies and is assisting in ongoing protections and resettlement. Additional background and resources will be provided by RIM and WOC for congregations seeking to resettle in their areas.
Please also find our Afghan landing page of resources on our RIM website HERE
RIM continues to develop “Region specific” information, as requested. Regional Alerts are also linked to on the above web page.
Reach out with further questions, plan to join next Tuesday’s webinar, and PLEASE DO invite your friends and fellow congregation members!!