Ash Wednesday Service with Dreamers

February 14, 2018

Faith Leaders Performed Ash Wednesday Service with Dreamers in Front of Senator McConnell’s and Schumer’s Office to Demand Passage of Dream Act

Washington, D.C. (February 14, 2018) – Faith leaders from various Christian traditions joined together with Dreamers in front of the offices of Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Chuck Schumer this morning to perform an Ash Wednesday service and urge the Senators to push passage of the Dream Act. Immigration staffers at Senator McConnell’s office heard directly from Dreamers, who represented just a fraction of the 800,000 youth currently at risk for deportation due to the rescission of DACA.

A livestream of the action can be viewed here, and photos can be seen here.

Notable quotes from participants:

Rev. Noel Andersen (Church World Service): “To everyone that is upholding this sinful deportation system: we are asking them to change their ways and repent today through passing the Dream Act now.”

Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley Rea (Disciples of Christ): “What we remember on Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day is the importance of sacrifice. Everyone who’s here as a Dreamer knows what you have put down in these months in the movement for justice for your family. We hope that Congress makes the decision that respects the sacrifices you have made.”

Catalina (United We Dream): “We came to this country when I was just six years old. We escaped violence in Mexico and now we’re at this point where we don’t know what will happen to us in the future. Our community is terrified. I am going to continue fighting for them. We deserve a Dream Act.

Patrick Carolan (Franciscan Action Network): “We are here to remind Senator McConnell and all the members of Congress, the vast majority who claim to be Christian, that we are all considered strangers somewhere. That we should treat the strangers who come to our community the way we would like to be treated. And that we can never ever accept intolerance or injustice while claiming to be part of people of faith and part of the body of Christ.”

Rev. Adam Taylor (Sojourners): “When we welcome the stranger among us, we are welcoming Christ. As long as we deny justice and opportunity for immigrants in our midst, we pray for repentance to day. For legislators and elected officials whose hearts may be calloused but can be softened and replaced with compassion. Dreamers are made in God’s image and we pray that He strengthen them today.”

Rev. Jeania Ree V. Moore (The United Methodist Church): “Christ, too, faced evil and was empowered through the love of God to confront that evil. We see God’s recognition of who we are as a reminder as we go forth to confront challenges equal and to persevere in that hope, that faith, and that love.”

Sr. Mary Ellen: “We remember that you (Christ) were crucified by politicians that rejected your message for fear of loss of power and wealth. We, as your followers, carry forward your message of liberty, justice, and freedom for all.”


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