Holy Week & Protecting Immigrants During COVID-19

April 20, 2020
This Holy Week,
Follow Jesus’ Steps & Journey with Immigrants During COVID-19
As we seek to walk the way of the cross during this tragic pandemic affecting us all, we ache for ways immigrants & asylum seekers are feeling disproportionate harm:
*About 35,000 migrants are being held in long recognized unsanitary ICE & CBP detention cells, despite that the vast majority do not have criminal charges and 3000 health leaders and human rights workers have requested release of non-criminal detainees;
*Deportations of adults and children continue despite COVID-19, & Disciples deeply grieve the recent deportation to Mexico of our AZ leader, Ramon Bejar;
*Asylum seekers are being denied rights to due process and protection by closed borders but instead are sent back into dangers in Central America, without adequate health screenings;
*Undocumented immigrants who grow food, serve meals, build houses, and support all our families, churches, and communities in multiple ways have been largely left out of COVID relief packages thus far
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