Welcome Afghan Refugees

(New Resources Added 4/6/22)

SIGN UP at: https://bit.ly/DisciplesRefugeeInterest to indicate your or your church’s interest to assist (or share work you are already doing!) to welcome Afghan refugees.  Disciples RIM will follow up to help link you with best resources in your area, and with other interested Disciples!

Questions?  Contact Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, RIM Director, at: sstanley@dhm.disciples.org, 202-957-7826 (text or call), or on Twitter: @StanleyRea, & Like Us on Facebook at: http://bit.ly/RIMFacebook

(Left: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)–Families evacuated from Kabul, Afghanistan, walk through the terminal before boarding a bus after they arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport, in Chantilly, Va., on Friday, 8/27/2021 and on Right: Image from Dar Al-Hijrah at late August Supplies Drop Off in Falls Church, VA.)

More than six months after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, we continue to mourn each loss endured by Afghan allies, as well as US soldiers who partnered with them.  We are likewise grateful to continue offering opportunities for welcome and the building of new life with Afghans now among us!  

As of February 19, 2022, all processing centers for Afghan arrivals at military bases across the country have now closed.  Also, as of February 15th, 66,503 individuals had departed safe havens since the launch of Operation Allies Welcome. Over half of Afghan arrivals have been resettled in Texas, California, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and Arizona.  Colorado, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kentucky have all resettled more than 1,000 Afghans each. Meanwhile, South Dakota, Mississippi, West Virginia and Hawaii have all resettled 22 Afghans combined, and Wyoming is the only state that is not expected to receive evacuees.

With Afghans in communities now across nearly all US states and in Canada, we continue to multiply our efforts as Disciples to Welcome Refugees.  Your congregation is invited to join this movement of hope, as you: