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January 23, 2019

Raise Your Faith Voice on Senate Immigration Bill & Gov’t Shutdown! Call Before Thurs. Vote!

Proposed Senate Immigration Bill–Evaluate the Risks & Join a Faith Call In Push NOW Thru Thursday Vote!

“Commonsense national security matters to us all, yet the proposed Senate immigration bill is an ‘Eden’s apple’ of pretense; promising protections while delivering temporary, restrictionist, racialized, and door-slamming exclusions that place families and individuals already fleeing dangers into a trap of many more.

Jesus’ journeys to escape persecution, and his lifetime of teaching love, mean our faith can—and must—lead us to offer policies with more welcome and compassion for vulnerable communities, which ensure what is touted as border security doesn’t impose harms upon border communities and unnecessary expense to us all, and which ensure the government is re-opened immediately to support hard-working families!”–Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Dir., Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries

What’s REALLY in the details of the Senate bill called ‘‘End the Shutdown and Secure the Border Act’’?

  • ALL African, and more, TPS populations would be disallowed even temporary protections.
  • Children running from violence would be axed from asylum opportunities in the U.S.
  • Dreamers would be divided so that ones who couldn’t previously renew, plus others, would be denied.
  • Provides vast money for the wall and ramps up enforcement while replacing protections of people with profits for prisons. 

Go here for detailed analysis from the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

What Can We Do IMMEDIATELY As Communities of Faith to Re-Open the Gov’t, Protect Immigrant Rights, & Have Common Sense Border Policies?

Click Here

to Urge Senators Resist the Proposed Border Package & Responsibly Reopen the Government Without Hurting Asylum Seeking Families & Children, Dreamers, Persons w/TPS, & Border Communities

(You will receive a phone call that connects you to your 2 Senators.)

Here’s a Sample Script: “I am your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and as a person of faith, I urge my Senator to oppose the border wall package that would turn asylum seekers back to harm, reverse anti-trafficking protections, and expand border militarization. Nothing in this proposal would provide permanent solutions for dreamers or TPS recipients. The Senate should responsibly reopen the government without harming our immigrant neighbors. I call on you to affirm the right of all people to seek protection – and stop the administration from separating families and returning people to harm. Please cut funding for deportation, detention, and border militarization. This spending tears families apart, and hurts vulnerable populations. My community welcomes and values immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”

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Interfaith social media posts & graphics are available here and here.

●     Wondering what to make of President Trump’s “so-called” deal? Sadly, it’s worse than we imagined. [Infographic]. #DOCBorderLove @Disciples News

●     .@realDonaldTrump: You terminated DACA and put the lives of dreamers at risk. Now you want to offer a temporary 3-year program without a path to citizenship for a damaging and expensive wall? That’s not negotiating, that’s unfair hostage-taking. 

Also, This Week, RIM’s Director Will Join Our Disciples General Minister & President, and our Global Ministries Latin America & the Caribbean Director to Visit Our Partners in Tijuana. Please stay tuned for more info.–and look for reports on our RIM Facebook, and on Twitter by following @StanleyRea. We’ll also use #DOCBorderLove!