Reflections from Conference on Migration, Borders & Reception

October 10, 2017

The Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea traveled to Italy to participate in “Living and Witnessing the Border.” An International Conference on Migration, Borders and Reception, September 29 through October 4. Click on each day below to read her daily reflections.

Day 1: Friday, September 29- Travel to Palermo, Italy for “Living and Witnessing the Border” Conference

Day 2: Saturday, September 30 – Palermo Conference, “We Crossed the Border”

Day 3: Sunday, October 1 – Palermo Tour, Worship and Conference, “Reception between Vocation and Legislation”

Day 4, Monday, October 2 – In Villa Niscemi with Institutions and Journalists, “The Migrant Frontier in the 21st Century”

Day 5, Tuesday, October 3 – Travel to Lampedusa for Ecumenical Ceremony in Commemoration of Four Year Anniversary of Migrant Boat Accident

Day 6, Wednesday, October 4 – Lampedusa Tour, Learnings, and Migrant Challenges Ahead

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