Barriers, Beds, a Bill & the Border: Understanding Potential Impacts

February 18, 2019

Avoiding a shutdown, Congress passed a funding bill late this week that included remaining FY 2019 appropriations. Among the seven areas funded was the Department of Homeland Security–which most directly impacts immigrant communities.

On Friday, the President approved the bill; but immediately also declared a National Emergency in hopes to gather $8 billion for barriers.
“In our view, a border wall which denies bona fide asylum-seekers from entering the country in search of protection—their right under domestic and international law—is immoral….As such, we strongly oppose a border wall and the declaration of a national emergency and transfer of funds to construct it.” Statement of Faith Leaders on the Morality of a Border Wall
“Even during the recent government shutdown, ICE shockingly overspent its budget to detain 7% more immigrants. Growing incarceration harms and separates families. Instead, we should keep families together and heal root causes that make dangerous migration journeys–like those of Jesus’ own family under Herod–ever feel necessary.”Rev. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries Director

What’s in the Funding Bill? How Might Our Faith Values Guide Us to Respond? For answers to these questions, check out the February 16 RIM WRAP.

(border wall faith background has been updated. Here is the new link.)