The Disciples Women’s Endowment Fund (DWEF) provides the opportunity to contribute to a permanent fund that benefits the work, both now and in the future, of women in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

We honor the women for whom named funds have been established and celebrate the projects supported by grants awarded from the interest on these investments.


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Korean Disciples Convocation’s Pastors’ Wives Group

Korean Disciples Convocation’s (KDC) Pastors’ Wives Group (President:  Ms. Hyun Ae Nam-Lee) designated this fund for all Disciples Women especially celebrating North American Pacific Asian Disciples (NAPAD) women seminarians and young adults that are seeking creative ministry experiences and opportunities to develop leadership skills, deepen their theological understanding, and being able to live out their true callings.  The Pastors’ Wives Group will continue to pray for all women pastors, women seminarians, women lay leaders, and young adults to be empowered for their ministries for their congregations, regions, and in general ministry.


Margaret Rea Curtin


Margaret Rea graduated from Stanford Phi Beta Kappa in Chemistry, 1941. She married her husband, John, in August of 1941. After working as a chemist early on, Margaret reclaimed music as both her personal and professional passion, accompanying the L.A. Valley College choir and local chorales and children’s classes, working as organist for First Christian Church, North Hollywood, then Choir Director for First Christian Church, Oceanside. She was a proud member of NATS and AGO and travelled with John to national organist conventions in their beloved VW Vanagon.

In addition to her gift and passion for music, she cherished her church and deep faith, loved gardening, redwoods and all things in nature. Margaret had an innate curiosity about life and she was a voracious reader, world traveller and supporter of causes dear to her heart.

Her children remember a busy, passionate mother constantly in motion for creative projects and church activities, leading the way on camping trips to national parks, generously donating to funds for women’s rights, wildlife and nature conservation, missionary causes, public television, needy children, living by example as well as words. Still, she had time to pray in solitude, give her family joy with beautiful piano playing, singing, gardening, playing bridge, following sports, living fully.


Betty  June Langford Wright

Betty had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, loved her family, church and church family. She helped women serve through DW/CWF.

 She and her husband, Preston, had two children: Preston, Jr. and Pam. She worked a full-time job and always found the time to be actively involved in her church, and an active supporter in her children’s school and extracurricular activities. Life was at times chaotic, but she always kept a positive attitude. A day didn’t go by that the words, “I love you,” weren’t heard by her family. Besides her work with the Region, she enjoyed sitting in her easy chair with a hot cup of coffee, reading the newspaper or fully immersed in reading a good book.

She was a lifelong Disciple who gave her heart and soul to the church, both to her congregation and far beyond. She was an elder, active leader in her congregation, served on the women’s cabinet in the AL/NWFL Region for 11 years and was on the Regional Staff directing women’s ministries. She was ordained to Christian ministry in October, 2010.

 Her absence will be felt on a local, regional, and national level.                  ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’     Matthew 25:23


Belle Brutout

Belle was a lifelong member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She was a cradle member of the First Christian Church of Charleroi where she taught Sunday School and Vacation Bible School for many years. She was also a member of the Amicus Class. Bell later became an active member of the United Christian Church of California where she was instrumental in leading the Women’s Fellowship Group and promoting the Blessing Box. She held various offices for the regional church and maintained memberships in the Beta Y Gradale, the Good Neighbor Club, Lutheran Women Sewing Group, and the Charleroi Historical Society. In her later years she enjoyed helping in the local food bank. 

She was a contributor to Just Women Magazine. She and her granddaughter, Lisa Buday, wrote ‘generation-to-generation’ articles about Blessing Boxes. 

Georgia Women

Mary Jacobs & LaVerne Thorpe


The International Disciples Women’s Ministries (IDWM) Executive Committee (2010-2014) designated this named fund to honor the President, Rev. Mary Jacobs and the Vice-President, Ms. LaVerne Thorpe for their leadership, service, and hospitality while they served during this term.  IDWM EC members (2010-2014) are grateful for the President and Vice-President’s passion for Disciple Women’s ministry and leading us to learn more about human trafficking as the IDWM’s social justice emphasis.  

Ohio Women


Dr. Mildred Butler

Margaret Coulter

Patricia Messenger

N. CA – NV Wild Women of the West

Marilyn Trefzger


Frankie Oliver Daley


Cindy Barr

Bluebonnet Area (BBA)-LRGVD

The Disciples Women’s Ministries Bluebonnet Area makes an annual contribution each year to honor a different woman from the area – the recipient of the Honor is voted on during the Retreat each year. Nominations are made based on the work the women do for the Disciple Women of their church, area and or region .  The 2016 donation is being made in honor of Marilyn Petrick.

Nancy Fowler


Bonnie Gearlds



Chery Carew

Pat Crowl

Linda Hernandez Williams

Martha G. Saunders


Carmen Lopez


Doris Spencer

Karen Yount


Margo Allen

Disciple Women’s Staff Fellowship

Linda Houston

Kathe Searcey

Jimmie Talley

Patsy Wander


Susan Gonzalez-Dewey

South Idaho Disciples Women’s Ministries

Enid Leece Wahl


Lucile A. Compton

Brenda Etheridge

Helen F. Spaulding


Florida CWF

Ellen Frost


Beth Ackelson

Carol Q. Cosby


Pauline Askin

Bowman, DePilar, Payuyo, Talley

Janis Brown Enablers

Fran Craddock

Eva Davis

Josephine Elkins

K. C. Estes

Laura Estes

Leah Estes

Shirley Estes

Phyllis Hallman

Orange, CA

PSW Region

Judy Row

Hazel Rudduck

Marilyn Taylor


Disciples Women’s Endowment Fund