Lights for Liberty

July 16, 2019

PLEASE participate as you can in any of the many “Lights for Liberty” events being held throughout the United States TONIGHT in support of positive solutions for children and adults who have come to the US seeking safety and protection, but instead are in unsafe and too often unsanitary conditions. Go here to learn more about events, and see a full list of locations and event details here.

Also, you may access these images of migrant children who have recently died while in US custody, to use in your local vigils.

And, remember to TAKE ACTION in these 5 ways to help children and families seeking freedom!  Visit Immigrants and Asylum Seekers on the RIM website.

  • Print out the image at left to share with your congregation.
  • Please note that congregations and individuals are NOT allowed to send toothbrushes, clothes, or other items directly into the government facilities that have recently received criticism.
  • However, be sure to go to: ly/help4fams for more information about specific ways to engage in advocacy, as well as direct support for shelters already assisting migrants.
  • Keep giving to Week of Compassion to strengthen our Disciples’ efforts to support shelters receiving hundreds of new asylum seekers daily.

Do not neglect to ADVOCATE as advised in the alert. It is POLICIES that are holding children in unsafe conditions, and our faith voices are desperately needed to weigh in about our values, to help CHANGE them!