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Fusion Later/Fusion Now: People Coming Together for Climate Solutions

...energy technologies are inspiring and helpful in moving toward a thriving future as we face a disrupted climate. Recentl

News Stories of Congregations Welcoming Refugees

News Stories of Congregations Welcoming Refugees Connecticut Churches Welcome Hundred Of Refugees, Part 1

GYC News

...be acknowledged, heard, and respected. We stand with those that have lost their lives or lost family me

Get Mail from DHM

...updates; Congregations: same information as DHM Updates, just enter your congregation&

Faith Leaders Oppose Historically Low Resettlement Goal for FY19; Urge Administrations to Resettle 75,000

...world refugee crisis, and furthers this administration’s nativist agenda. Within the Jewish commu

Video Testimonies

Video Testimonies by Youth https://youtu.be/QaP377_I0gk Leaving Syria – Jade Siriani https://youtu.b

Video Clips

Now available is a list of selected video clips related to multiple immigration and refugee topics. Go her

Dreamers/Dream Act/DACA

...lifted up the lives of more than 700,000 Dreamers since 2012, enabling them to work, pursue their educa


...Event at General Assembly. Introduced resources: What A Difference A Leader Can Make Some of the Ways Transformation Wil

Elders Growing Spiritually

...beyond ourselves Moving Prayers -Prayers while we live our lives Music Prayers -God sp

The 10 Best Ways to Live (Download Only)

The 10 Best Ways to Live: Includes a story, wondering questions, family prayer guide, scripture, wreath pi

“Holy Voices for World Refugee Day” TONIGHT!

“Holy Voices for World Refugee Day” TONIGHT! REGISTER HERE to Join Us TONIGHT, June 13th, at 7