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...are more refugees in the world now than SINCE World War II. Please contact Sharon at o

Disciples Women’s Endowment Fund

...(Disciples of Christ). This fund allows both the donor and recipient the experience of making a tremendous impact in sha


...sat on the sidewalk outside the White House, a violation of the rules for demonstrations there. Accordi

Sept. 27 CWS Press Release on Refugee Resettlement Program

...urge President Trump to set a goal of 75,000 for refugee admissions Link to photos and video: Watch the


...About Migrant Children May Kill Them | Commentary By Jen Smyers, associate director for Immigration and Refugee Policy w

Pampered for the Holidays!

...threatened. So Joseph and Mary fled in the middle of the night with their newborn to find safety as refugees in Egypt. A

2024 Just Women Bible Study

...and focuses on how our faith can guide us in navigating the complexities of our world. It wrestles with

Planning Resources for Welcome Sunday & World Refugee Day

Refugee Wel come & World Refugee Worship Planning Resources Check out our full Disciples-2022-Refugee-

Green Chalice Program

...Eco-Friendly cleaning products, Provide Eco-Tips in Newsletters, Install Rain Barrels for watering, Hos

Survey: Are You Transforming?

...them? Section B- Transformation Updates This is for congregations who have previously taken the survey

Background & Resources

...Mendoza, 42, from Peru, joined the “Fast for Families” on the National Mall to compel congr

Central America

...White House By Rick Herron, Sojourners Image via Megan Cagle/Church World Service Sojourners (February