RIM in the Pandemic

June 18, 2020
Every day, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries (RIM) seeks to follow the call of the prophets for justice.

As RIM shared recently in the Washington Post, Jeremiah’s voice in 22:3 feels especially relevant during COVID-19—as he reminds us to “do what is just and right,” requiring we:
  • Rescue ones being unfairly compensated
  • Do not harm the foreigner, orphan, or widow
  • Put no innocent lives at risk

Your support helps RIM ensure refugees and immigrants at risk will never be forgotten.
Your support gives hope, especially during the pandemic, for:

Immigrants who face impossible choices every day in meat packing plants: Gregoria, a poultry worker in NC, said her employer “would not provide face masks or gloves and conditions for social distancing are very bad.” RIM joined a recent press conference to remind: “Offering anything less than access to adequate healthcare, PPE, living wages, sick leave, and safe production lines risks the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable.” Check here soon for Pentecost resources to learn more about how you support workers at risk!
Farm workers who are risking their safety to provide food for us all: From Washington state ’s fruit and asparagus workers to Florida ’s tomato workers, crews are saying “we’re scared” but “we’re expected to keep going.” Safety practices are inconsistent, and many must bring their own soap just to wash their hands. Together with long term partners in National Farm Worker Ministry and farm worker groups, RIM helps faith voices speak loudly and produce results .
New refugee arrivals who are on hold until at late May, and refugees already in the US who are experiencing delays in assistance:  Less than half of the lowest ever US refugee quota of 18,000 have yet to arrive in the last 7 months, and RIM continues to advocate for refugees, and to share how refugees can access benefits. Go here for ways congregations can help refugees in your area, and look here soon for resources to celebrate World Refugee Day and Refugee & Immigrant Welcome Sunday the week of June 20th.
DACA recipients who are anticipating a Supreme Court ruling any day, which will directly impact their lives:  In the midst of constant insecurities, RIM continues to build a weekly online prayer space (RSVP to join us !), and calls upon congregations to build partnerships, and prepare to act and stand in solidarity after the SCOTUS decision is released.
About 35,000 migrants who are still being held in  long recognized unsanitary  ICE & CBP detention cells:   As these cells are now are spreading infection during COVID-19, RIM has joined  3000 health leaders  and  human rights workers  to urge detained migrants be protected and that non-criminal detainees be released to families.
Asylum seeking migrants, adults and  children , who  continue to be deported to unsafe conditions and without adequate COVID-19 testing: RIM continues to raise faith and human rights voices to speak out against these practices tragically exporting COVID-19, denying rights of due process and protection to asylum seekers.
Please support RIM as generously as you are able during this crisis. Give online here by designating to: “Refugee & Immigration Ministries,” or send your donation to: Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries, c/o Disciples Home Missions, Attn: Kathy Watts, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN. 46206
THANK YOU for the justice & protection your love makes possible!
In grateful partnership for justice,
Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea
Director, Refugee & Immigration Ministries