Black Immigrant Concerns Remain, As Black History Month Ends

March 2, 2022
Take Action for Black Immigrants HERE
& Pray for Black Immigrant Justice HERE
Last week, faith partners joined with these Black immigrants to be guided into Prayers & Action to stop discrimination and violence against Black Immigrants:
  • Rev. Dr. Samuel Nicolas, Haitian Pastor in at the Evangelical Crusade Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Brooklyn, NY
  • Anita Chombeng, Previous Cameroonian Asylum Seeker & current immigrant organizing coordinator for PCUSA, Presbytery of the Pacific
  • Saidou Sow & Seydou Sarr, Mauritanians deported in 2021 & 2018, supported through Mauritanian Network & the Ohio Immigrant Alliance
Watch their prayers at: and HERE.
Then, join your faith voices in actions like these in our “Black Immigrants Take Action Toolkit”: