Oregon/SW Idaho #Pray4Refugees

September 11, 2018

Rev. Doug Wirt, Co-Regional Minister in the Oregon/Southwest Idaho Region, joins Rev. Terri to #Pray4Refugees and urge the US to resettle at least 75,000 refugees in the next year.  Watch Rev. Wirt in this video as he says, “My wife’s grandfather…was welcomed by a man who was a refugee from Armenia, having lost both of his parents to genocidal violence.  Decades later, the same church helped resettle over 100 refugees from Southeast Asia.  Ten years ago, I went to Congo, and saw how the churches there, despite few resources, responded passionately to thousands of people displaced by violence and warfare.  The church pleaded with us to likewise open our homes to those who’ve lost their homes through no fault of their own.”

Please consider joining your voice, and your church’s, to #Pray4Refugees–by sharing Rev. Wirt’s video with your friends, and with national leaders making important refugee decisions now.  Go HERE for more information.