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...lives, drive them to doctors’ appointments, teach them English, watch their children and help the

Oregon/SW Idaho #Pray4Refugees

...Rev. Wirt in this video as he says, “My wife’s grandfather…was welcomed by a man who

SW #Pray4Refugees

...Region. See Andy’s video here. Then please consider joining your voice and your church’s to

Northeastern Region #Pray4Refugees

...door to refugees.” See Rev. Jeanette Zaragoza-DeLeon’s video here and urge our nation to #W

VA Region #Pray4Refugees

...need and suffering, and we have the means to help.” See Rev. Coretha Loughridge, video here and u

AZ Region #Pray4Refugees

...active in resettling refugees here in Phoenix.” Rev. Rebekah Krevens is the Pastor of Foothills Christian Church (

Join Disciples in Prayer & Solidarity as “Faith Floods the Courtroom” in Tucson

...Facebook video link: Find and share an adapted prayer from today’s event here: Background: On Jan

Festival Clergy Hit the Hill to Protect Children!

...here. For twitter video clips from the walkout action and prayers following the action go to the follow

NE Region Joins #Pray4Refugees

...to resettle at least 75,000 refugees in the next year. Watch Rev. Kendell in this video as she says, &l

Christian Denominations Join Forces to Call on the White House to #Welcome75k Refugees

...restore our nation’s commitment to welcome refugees in need of resettlement. For photos and video

Upper Midwest #Pray4Refugees

“Sometimes we experience things in our lives that you don’t realize the significance of until

Join IIC Webinar #Faith4DACA 10/30 at 3 PM ET – DACA Going to Supreme Court Soon!

...would lose the right to work and live without fear, and ultimately be vulnerable to deportation. We can

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